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Meme Appreciation Day

Attention YouTubers, Minecrafters and Fall Guys, we have officially added a new holiday to the GAMER PRESS™ event calendar. "Meme Appreciation Day" will now occur every 21st of September. On this annual day of goofs, gaffs and all around meme-athon, you are encouraged to dress up and reenact your favorite memes and vines. Make sure to post your costumes on our Instagrammy (haha) and our twitter.

Zelda Gay?

Everyone knows about the game series Legend of Zelda, and how Zelda is romantically attracted to Link. However, in the latest release, Legend of Zelda: A Tale of Two our favorite princess finds a new love interest.

The Zelda games mainly focus on Link saving Zelda, but this adventure is different as our hero is missing. This leads to Zelda having to find a way to save herself from the corrupt grasp of Gannon. In her journey to triumph, this strong leader meets another hero in training. What's different is that this knight is a woman, rather than a man. Zelda sees that this is another one of her dad's tricks in trying to get herself out of harms way, but she won't take it. She politely declines the heroine's assistance, but the warrior is persistent. As the two characters fight their way through the monsters of this world they grow together in a way. They get the feels for each-other. After defeating Gannon they end up in a romantic relationship. This leads us to believe that Zelda is attracted to both men, women and probably those in between.

Here is what our readers have to say on the game so far:
I really enjoyed seeing representation of the women loving women community, we don't get enough of it! said LizardLesbian on GameReview.blorg.
I thought that Zelda was straight? Guess not! That's cool, that's cool. said BiggieCheez on Twooter.